Voice Over IP Features


Softphones (Mac, PC and Mobile)
Account Codes
Auto-Attendants (unlimited)
Auto-Attendant – Nested
Auto-Generated Key Labels
Broadcast Groups
Business Quality Voice Lines
Call Coverage
Call Coverage – Incoming Call Routing
Call Detail Records
Call Display
Call Forward
Call Groups
Call History Reporting
Call Hold
Call Hunting (circular and linear)
Call Park/Retrieve
Call Permissions Profiles (by user)
Call Transfer
Caller ID with Name
Caller’s List (inbound & outbound)
Click-to-Call Extension
Context Soft Keys
Do Not Disturb
Emergency Forwarding
E911 Compliant
Extension Dialing (3, 4 or 5 digits)
Fixed Function Keys
Geographic Redundancy*
Hands-free Speaker Phone
Headset Capable
Hot Desking / Multi Desking
Incoming Cal Routing
Integrated Ethernet Switch
Join/Leave Call Groups
Join/Merge Calls
Local Phone Numbers (DIDs)
Mobile Apps for Android & Apple
Monitor Groups
Multiple Business Hour Profiles
Multiple CLID’s
Multiple Line Appearances
Music on Hold
My Phone Web Page
Hosted Services Desktop and Mobile Apps
Online Management (User and Tenant Level)
Online self-help documentation
Phone Directory – Employee
Phone Directory – External via Portal
Phone Key Profiles (by user type)
Power over Ethernet Phones (IEEE 802.3af)
Private CLID’s
Programmable Keys
Redirect – Emergency Forwarding
Ring Tones
Selective Call Routing
Site Page (via speakerphone)
Speaker Phone (Standard and Executive)
Speed Dial, One-Touch
Station Busy Lamp Indicator – Silent
Ten-way Calling
Transfer Direct to Voicemail
Unlimited Calling Nationwide
Visual Voicemail Web Portal
Voicemail, Auto-Forward all to e-mail ID
Voicemail, Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Voicemail, Return Call During VM Retrieval
Voicemail, Forward to Co-Worker Ext.
Voicemail, Out-Dial From Voicemail
Voicemail, Notification via e-mail or SMS
Voicemail Return Call During VM Retrieval
Zero Out of Voicemail – Personal Target


Premium Add-Ons

Additional Phone Numbers Nationwide
Analog Extensions with/without Voicemail
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Automatic VoIP Failover
Call Center ( CCaaS )
Call Detail Reporting
Call Recording
Call Marking
Connector for Chrome
Connector for Google®
Connector for Microsoft Teams®
Connector for Office 365
Connector for Salesforce®
Connector for Web-based CRMs
Connector for Open-source CRMs
Contact Center SFTP
Custom On Hold Announcement
Custom Dial Plans
Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs)
Enhanced Call Redirect
Enhanced Dial Tone
Extension Monitoring
Extra Call Recording Storage
HD Video Conferencing (25 participants +)
Mobile Twinning
OfficeSuite PrivateCloud™
Online Fax (different plans by volume)
Site Survey
Toll-Free Service and Phone Numbers
Toll Free Storage
Voicemail Custom Class of Service
Web Chat (Call Center or Individual)


Bluetooth Options (select phones)
Conference Room Phones
Conference Room Unit
Cordless Desk Phones and Handsets
Entry/Door Control Systems
Door Boxes
Gigabit Ethernet Phones
Overhead Paging Interface
Power of Ethernet Switches
Video Phones
Wireless DECT Handsets and Headsets
12-key, 48-key Receptionist Modules

IT Work & Cabling + Labor