VoIP + UCaaS for Your Business

Voice Over IP Features


Unlimited Nationwide Calls
Softphones (PC and Mobile)
Account Codes
Auto-Attendant – Nested
Auto-Generated Key Labels
Broadcast Groups
Business Quality Voice Lines
Call Coverage
Call Coverage – Incoming Call Routing
Call Detail Records
Call Display
Call Forward
Call Hold
Call Hunting (circular and linear)
Call Park/Retrieve
Call Permissions Profiles (by user)
Call Transfer
Caller ID with Name
Caller’s List (inbound & outbound)
Do Not Disturb
E911 Compliant
Extension Dialing (3 or 4 digit)
Headset Capable
Hot Desking
Join/Leave Call Groups
Join/Merge Calls
Multiple CLID’s
Multiple Line Appearances
Music on Hold
My Phone Web Page
One Click Calling from anywhere
Online Management (User and Tenant Level)
Online self-help documentation
Phone Directory – Employee
Phone Directory – External
Phone Key Profiles (by user type)
Power over Ethernet Phones (IEEE 802.3af)
Private CLID’s
Programmable Keys
Redirect – Emergency Forwarding
Site Page (via Speakerphone)
Speaker Phone (Standard and Executive)
Speed Dial, One-Touch
Station Busy Lamp Indicator – Silent
Three-way Calling
Transfer Direct to Voicemail
Visual Voicemail Web Portal
Voicemail, Auto-Forward all to e-mail ID
Voicemail, Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Voicemail, Return Call During VM Retrieval
Voicemail, Forward to Co-Worker Ext.
Voicemail, Out-Dial From Voicemail
Voicemail, Notification via e-mail or SMS
Zero Out of Voicemail – Personal Target

Premium Add-Ons

Analog Extensions with/without Voicemail
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Automatic VOIP Failover
Call Recording
Custom On Hold Announcement
Enhanced Call Redirect
HD Meeting
Mobile Twinning
OfficeSuite PrivateCloud™
Online Fax
Open Source CRM Connector
Salesforce® and MS Lync CRM Connector
Toll-Free Service and Phone Numbers
Voicemail Transcription


Conference Room Phones
Conference Room Unit
Cordless Desk Phones and Handsets
DECT Handsets and Headsets
Door Boxes
Overhead Paging Interface
Power of Ethernet Switches
Receptionist Module
12-key, 48-key Receptionist Modules

Free Internet Phones for Businesses

Free Polycom IP Phone Per Seat


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"For the past three years, SCAN-Harbor has been using Sun Communications for Cloud Based Phone Service and Internet connections serving 5 office locations and 115 phones...  Sun Communications was able to consolidate all of Scan-Harobr's services onto one invoice while providing one point of contact and saving us significantly.

Customer support is very important to us especially during the pandemic. Sun Communications customer support provides knowledgeable and personalized services that you just do not get from the carriers."

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Simplify with One Bill

Keep your current internet provider, and get one bill for your internet + phone. No other major VOIP provider offers this.

If phones go down, ISP's blame VoIP and VoIP providers blame the ISP. Sun helps you avoid that headache with just one company to call.

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    Get an Account Manager and Start Saving

    Get a Knowledgeable, Dedicated Account Manager. Not a Call Center.

    Desk Phones are free.

    Experience How Easy it is to Switch & Port Existing Phone Numbers. If needed, Our Hardware Vendors can Wire Your Location with No Downtime.

    Answer Calls on Your Laptop & Cell Phone.

    Most Customers Experience Significant Savings through Our GPO Partnerships (Group Purchasing). Joining a GPO is not required.

    Who is Sun Communications?


    We are a Nationwide Digital Communication Provider for commercial and government entities.  With a coast to coast network of hardware engineers we can easily configure and properly wire your business location and accommodate expansion. Our clientele are primarily professional service companies and organizations such as doctors, dentists, attorneys, medical clinics, business service providers, government entities and non-profit organizations.  If necessary we can work within an existing PBX / SIP infrastructure.

    We work only with commercial, non-profit and government entities.  Referrals can be provided upon request.


    We are a full-service digital communications provider. If you need a new internet service provider, or need to integrate telecom with your software systems, add HIPAA Compliant Web Chat, Video Conferencing or Call Center solutions or outsource to a call center that provides SMS-chat-telephone answering services. Perhaps you want fail-over to cell phones; so if the power goes out, you never miss a customer or patient's call? We compete directly with AT&T and Verizon, but separate ourselves through a broader set of services, cost savings and an assigned digital communications expert.


    We assign you a knowledgeable Account Manager who will be your single point of contact to take care of any needs that arise. Our Account Managers are experts who can help you with any digital communication product or service.  No call center IVR and no getting passed around.  Ahhhh.

    99.9999% UPTIME

    We provide tier one reliability.  With our fail-over you improve to 100%.