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Merchant Services


True wholesale pricing for any size merchant.

Your customers know exactly how much they’re paying for your products or services. But do you know what you’re paying to process each transaction? If your processor doesn’t offer Interchange Plus Pricing, chances are you don’t.

Interchange is the most expensive part of card-acceptance charges. However, many processors hide bogus surcharges and fees in complicated statements—combining processing and interchange charges—so it becomes too difficult and time consuming for merchants to discern where the charges are coming from.


No hidden fees. No middlemen. No surprises.

Sun Communications, Inc. offers all our merchants Interchange Plus Pricing. So you’ll know the true cost of every card that comes through your business with full disclosure into how much you’re paying Sun Communications and how much goes to the card brands. Plus, we pass through any interchange reductions or increases that may occur. So there are no surprises.



 We Take Your Security Seriously.

  • PCI Compliance Portal to control and make sure your always in compliance
  • Annual Scan easily done in the background while your working
  • Breach Protection
  • We are an ISO for one of the largest processors in the world
  • Registered with Visa and Mastercard
  • Sun Communications is a registered MSP/ISO

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Sun Communications Inc is a Leader in Healthcare & Business Telecommunications, Merchant Processing, and Payroll Solutions.  We offer Turnkey Solutions that include Products & Hardware, Services, and Integration. Sun Communications Inc is Registered with the FCC as an Interconnected VoIP provider.

We streamline and bundle your services, helping you save time and money, so that you can focus on doing what you love – building your practice and business. Do Less Achieve More.

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