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Simple. Affordable. The way is should be.

Payroll The Way it Should Be


Payroll so easy you can do it in your sleep.

We've made payroll so easy and convenient that you can sleep at night. Rather than spending late hours figuring out payroll, we've made it simple--submit online, over the phone or fax (yes, some people still fax).

What's more, you can talk to a dedicated payroll specialist anytime to help you with any matter that arises. Our personal touch sets us apart and gives you the peace of mind to grow your business.

To really help you get into your REM cycles, accounts are independently audited so you can feel safe and secure with your hard-earned revenues.

Last but not least, with Sun Communications Payroll Services, you get a complete solution helps manage and calculates liabilities, makes tax deposits and files your returns. So sleep tight knowing you're being watched over day and night.

Easy & Convenient


Safe & Secure

Complete Solution

A new way to manage the back office:

Sun Communications is proud to bring its new product offering to your market: Payentry Solutions!

Payentry Solutions provides you all that you need revolving around Payroll, People, Compliance and Cash Flow.

What does that mean?

  • Payroll Solutions: Payroll Management, Time Management, Debit Cards and SecureView
  • WOTC Solutions: Automatic Identification of Tax Credits and Facilitation up to $9,600 Per Employee in Tax Credits for your Company
  • People Solutions: Includes Extensive Automatic Hire and Onboarding Processes Saving you Hours of Time Consuming Actions you Need to Onboard a New Employee, HR Answers, Benefits (FSA, HSA, COBRA)
  • Compliance Solutions: Includes Compliance Posters, ACA Compliance, Payroll Tax Management, Full Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) Functionality Included
  • Cash Flow Solutions: Includes Access to PayEntry, Property and Casualty Insurance Including "Pay as You Go", Workers Compensation, Access to PayEntry Retirement

What sets this opportunity apart is that you don’t have to decide which package works best for you. You get it all!

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Sun Communications Inc is a Leader in Healthcare & Business Telecommunications, Merchant Processing, and Payroll Solutions.  We offer Turnkey Solutions that include Products & Hardware, Services, and Integration. Sun Communications Inc is Registered with the FCC as an Interconnected VoIP provider.

We streamline and bundle your services, helping you save time and money, so that you can focus on doing what you love – building your practice and business. Do Less Achieve More.

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