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Upgrade your office to digital phone service and enjoy an all-inclusive package that saves you time, money and hassle. Digital Voice Line is a better alternative to traditional business lines because it costs less and gives you more.

Digital Voice Line includes local and long distance calling packages and the important features your business needs, such as voicemail, call forwarding, 3-way calling, caller ID and more.

Digital Voice Line is easy to use—simply plug the included phone adapter into your broadband Internet connection and you will be up and running quickly.

Digital Voice Line is available nationwide and packages include calls throughout the continental United States.

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Simplify and Save with a Digital Voice Line

  • Use your exiting broadband Internet access for all your calls
  • Service includes a phone adapter for up to 48 Digital Voice Lines
  • Easy connect to your local area network

By Simple Service we Mean Easy

Easy to set up and use.

Works over any broadband Internet service.

Great Service at Affordable Rates

One low price for phone service, and all the important features.

Features and fees that usually in ate telecom bills are included.

Equipment included at no cost to you.

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Features Include:

Three-Way Calling
Caller ID Deluxe
Speed Dial (8 Numbers)
Speed Dial (30 Numbers)
Call Trace
Anonymous Call
Low Rates on International Calls
Call Waiting
Call Waiting ID Deluxe
Call Forwarding
Repeat Dial
Call Return

*Toll-Free Phone Number Optional