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Hosted VoIP

Easy to Use Cloud-based Phone System

Our cloud-based phone system is a full featured Hosted IP Solution that delivers an enterprise-grade phone system to small and medium-sized businesses without any increase in support staff. We offer reliable voice quality and performance. It is completely hosted within a fully meshed IP
network–delivering a secure and redundant network. 

Our solution is a complete communications system that includes a robust calling plan for local, regional and long-distance calls, automatic system upgrades and a wide array of options including LCD desk phones, cordless phones and soft phones for PC, Mac and mobile.

Our solution is flexible. It includes hundreds of features that let you customize the system to meet your specific needs. It also includes a website that gives employees and system administrators direct control over the system and preferences–eliminating the need for expensive maintenance contracts. It is scalable, allowing you to add phones, sites and employees as you need them–without having to add cards, expensive shelves or upgrade the system.

Extend seamless communications over the Internet to support remote offices,
home-based workers, such as telecommuters and mobile professionals, with the same features and functionalities that are available on their office phones. Our solution is available nationwide and is 100 percent cloud-based. It can connect satellite and regional offices across the country with your main office–all on the same system and the same network.


Hosted VoIP Feature Highlights

Hot Desking
Enables employees to move around the office and between locations. Simply log in to any phone, anywhere.

Mobile Twinning
Sends calls simultaneously to an employee’s office extension
and mobile phone and allows switching from mobile to land.

Auto Attendant
Effective call handling for inbound callers. Allows options and prompts to simply and accurately route calls.

Call Redirect
A platform that facilitates users and site administrators to control calls from a web browser.

Accessible voicemail from a land-phone, website, email or on your smartphone if that's easiest.

Let's you make calls from any PC or mobile device using your office phone number.

Cordless Phones and Handsets
Flexibility for mobile employees in hard to reach locations, without expensive wiring.

Customer Portal
Make changes to your system from anywhere online.

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Manage your Services with Ease on One Portal

The Hosted Services Portal is revolutionary by centralizing all of your communication and hosted services into one user-friendly site that can be accessed from anywhere. Unlike other customer portals, both you and your employees can make changes to your system and your account in real-time, from a single, intuitive dashboard featuring easy-to-use, widget based architecture that integrates you with all of our Hosted Services products, services and support.

Easily access and manage all of your communications from anywhere,
on any device.

• Listen to business voicemail from anywhere
• Customize permissions to let employees self-manage
• Re-route calls from wherever you are when the office closes unexpectedly
• View the availability of co-workers, then just click-to-call them
• Make company-wide changes at once, in seconds
• Chat instantly with anyone in your organization

One-click Access to Everything

Easy to Manage
VoIP Phones

Phone Admin Guides (+ Contact Center Guides)

Premier GPO Member Pricing Available

Hosted Services - Unified Communications (open pdf)


Phone List of Features (open pdf)


Hosted Desktop App Guide 4.2.1 (open pdf)


Hosted Services Portal Admin Guide (open pdf)


Hosted Services Mobile Softphone 4.2.1 (open pdf)


Mobile Softphone Guide PLS (open pdf)


Hosted Services Chat and SMS / MMS User Guide (open pdf)


Office Suite HD Meeting User Guide (open pdf)


Online Fax Guide (open pdf)


Hosted Contact Center - Healthcare (open pdf)


Outbound Call Center Activation Guide (open pdf)