Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN)


Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN)

The SD-WAN market has been tabbed as one of the most disruptive networking technologies within the history of telecommunications.

SD-WAN Next-Generation Benefits

  • Support increasing use of cloud-based applications
  • Maximum reliability for an always on world
  • Personalized proactive guidance and management
  • Protect data across all locations
  • Lower CAPEX and transfer outlay risk
  • Optimize performance across network applications
  • Boost network resiliency
  • Simplify network management
  • Gain greater visibility over network traffic
  • Reduce OPEX and IT management time
  • Increase business agility and scalability

SD-WAN Portal Allows Customers to see Critical Network Metrics

Application Usage Information
Source Systems
Bandwidth Consumed

Access Circuit Performance
Packet Loss

SD-WAN Next-Generation Features

  • Application visibility and control: Manages and deploys routing policies with a centralized management tool
  • Dynamic WAN selection: Preserves application performance based on pre-set thresholds
  • Application optimization: Monitors and improves network paths for higher quality
  • Dynamic IPsec deployment: Enables end-to-end encryption for secure data transmission over public networks
  • Managed service: Offers continuous, proactive monitoring and optimization from Windstream SD-WAN Concierge
  • Flexible connectivity: Connects disparate locations with any access
  • Dual active links: Increases resiliency with redundant and diverse connections at each site
  • Seamless failover via active/active connectivity: Diverse, redundant connectivity for resiliency, business continuity and seamless failover at each site
  • Stateful firewall: Deploys and manages security policies with an integrated firewall
  • Assigned Technical Manager: Works with customers to optimize performance, freeing IT to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Secure network deployment: Automatically sets up IPsec tunnels with end-to-end encryption for dynamic branch-to-branch connectivity
  • Centralized cloud based management: Simplifies management of remote devices, eliminates multiple tools
  • Business Aware Cloud Network: Maximizes cloud-based application performance
  • Tailored Industry Solutions: Integrated plug-and-play services to further amplify the impact on customer experience
  • Capital vs operating expense: Managed service reduces out of pocket expense, extending budgets further
  • Real time network analytics: Adds intelligence to optimized network performance based on evolving conditions
  • Enables agility, scalability: Cost effective provisioning of new locations/services using widely available broadband
  • Proprietary Cloud Core Architecture: Network nodes with direct connectivity to leading cloud providers/services
  • MPLS vs SD-WAN

    Many businesses that require the security and performance of a private WAN have built hybrid WAN architectures that combine traditional MPLS-based networks with readily available options like dedicated Internet. While this solves for any-to-any connectivity, it can compromise performance and security, as well as increase costs and complexity due to capital outlay, internal resources and vendor management.

    As demand for cloud applications and services continues to grow, enterprises are re-examining their WAN strategies and architectures to optimize business efficiencies, protect critical data and enhance the user experience across public, private and cloud paths. SD-WAN decouples network intelligence and configuration from physical connections and hardware (via an abstracted layer) to create a scalable, centrally managed virtual voice and data WAN that connects distributed branches and remote locations regardless of connection type, access point or carrier.

    Simplify Network Management

    Converge voice, data and video applications on the same IP backbone and use existing hardware and available access types to connect locations. Now you can reduce capital investment, lower provisioning time and simplify technology migration. There are no manual switches to engage or monitor, plus a centralized portal that offers deep visibility. Automatic updates and upgrades ensure no downtime or business interruptions.

    Keep Critical Data Safe

    Your customers want ubiquitous access from anywhere, and it’s your job to keep data safe and secure. Now you don’t have to choose. A secure abstracted overlay creates a virtual private network on top of existing connection points. All network traffic is encrypted over public or private paths, for security in a borderless environment.

    Increase Efficiency and Resiliency

    Determine the most effective way to dynamically route traffic to multiple locations. Business policies automatically prioritize and de-prioritize traffic, making better use of bandwidth to enhance application performance and overall user experience. What’s more, dual active links provide redundant and/or diverse connections at each site, increasing network resiliency.

    Scale Easily

    With rapid site deployment and standardized low-touch provisioning, you’ll hit the ground running while transferring any capital outlay risk, expensive architecture build and maintenance to Windstream Wholesale. When you’re ready to grow, the solution scales seamlessly.