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Welcome to Sun Communications, Inc. We are a wholesale provider of a vast array of core business building technology and services. We streamline and bundle your services, helping you save time and money, so that you can focus on doing what YOU LOVE – building your business and increasing sales. Do Less Achieve More.

Sun Communications Inc is a registered MSP/ISO and registered as a telecom provider with the FCC.

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About Greg W. Schneider

Greg W. Schneider brings 20 years of executive leadership experience to Sun Communications, Inc. Prior to launching Sun Communications, Inc., Greg was President of Digizip.com, Inc a regional competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), operating in MA., NJ., NY., and PA. He helped Digizip evolve from a DSL only provider into one of the largest CLEC’s in the northeast. Digizip.com, Inc was successfully sold in December 2012.

Greg has a profound understanding of the critical need for businesses to have access to the most competitive offerings in all facets of their business needs. That’s why Sun Communications, Inc’s mission is to offer a total solution for its customers. As CEO, Greg makes sure that Sun Communications, Inc. has the best and most competitive suite of products and services available to its clients and sales agents.

Greg is responsible for evaluating and maintaining Sun Communications, Inc strategic relationships with payment processors, telecom carriers/cable providers and payroll providers. He is directly involved in acquisition of new sales, and provides leadership to the day-to-day service organization. Greg sets strategy for the company by assessing emerging technologies and by exploring business expansion and acquisition opportunities. Greg and his family reside in New Canaan, CT.

About Charles Hart

Charles Hart is the President of both Charles Hart Industrial, Inc. and Sun Communications Inc. Electronics was a hobby in grade school and Electrical Engineering was his college course of study. While taking EE courses at NY Institute of Technology, he formed Charles Hart Industrial as a sole proprietorship in 1972 and later incorporated it as Charles Hart Industrial, Inc., a company that provides communications systems and services (Telephone, IT, A/V, TV, Music, POS, Signage, Security, CCTV, Access and other systems) to the Tri-State Metropolitan Area, the Northeastern corridor down to Delaware and all of Florida. Charles is in charge of information technology for Sun. Charles oversees the deployment of new systems and services, the creation of IT vendor contracts, the development of policies and initiatives, and other areas related to the IT function He works and resides on the North Shore of Long Island, New York.