Poynt, NCR & Miura Merchant Terminals

Merchant Processing Terminal

Your terminal says a lot about your business. If you're looking for the industry best, we have them for you. After looking at countless terminals, we've narrowed it down to three. The Poynt, the NCR and the Miura. All three are industry leading and have POS capabilities and reporting capabilities.

Poynt Terminal


The Poynt terminal has features that will grow and expand as you grow and expand. From Security feature to reporting features, this stylish terminal is a great choice for startups and established businesses alike. Security features include: EMV (chip card) transaction support, fully encrypted card data and embedded T security solutions. What's more, the software is designed to reduce training with a simple touch-screen interface.

It's sleek design complements an in-terminal printer and you can manage your cash drawer so your accounting is spot on.

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EMV Ready

Poynt has a single slot for both magstrip and chip cards.

Settle on the Go

View reports, refund, and even settle from your phone with Poynt

Transact Anywhere

3G and Wifi let you take your business anyway with Poynt

Easy NFC Payments

With Poynt, you can accept ApplePay, Android Pay and more