Healthcare Contact Center Services

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Provide Best-in-class Customer Service

Call Center Solutions for Healthcare: Clinics, Dental Offices, Pharmacies and Medical Suppliers

Deliver top-notch service to every caller

Centralize calling and service more customers efficiently by enlisting a feature-rich, cloud-based Contact Center Service.

Contact Center Services is designed to improve call management. By utilizing call queues or virtual waiting rooms for different departments, you can ensure callers speak to the right person every time. And, when callers are waiting on hold, they can be entertained by music or pre-recorded announcements defined by your business. Through advanced skill-based routing, calls can be routed to top agents and call queues can be prioritized over one another for maximum efficiency.

By fully integrating with our award-winning unified communications solution, your employees get access to the features they need to deliver efficient and professional service, while your customers experience better
communication and faster response times.

How does Contact Center Services deliver on your needs


Customize and prioritize where calls are routed based on staff availability
and skill sets


Locate anywhere and allow agents to work efficiently remotely and in
any office location


Scale up or down and customize the solution to meet business demands


Ensure every call is handled correctly by recording and analyzing calls


Customize permissions to allow employees to control specific
sections of the contact center


Ensure calls are answered even when employees are unable to make
it into the office


Gain insight into employee performance through
real-time reporting.


Make changes to features and settings with ease through our intuitive web portal


All the features you need for your remote, mobile and on-site locations in our secure cloud

Hosted Services Contact Center Products Game-Changing Benefits

See historical and real-time agent activity on one customizable screen

Properly monitor productivity and call volume by viewing real-time agent statuses.

Instantly see how many calls are in progress and how many calls are waiting.

Analyze critical call data to ensure optimal efficiency, including: the longest wait times, number of calls answered and more.

Ensure staffing and customer needs are met with advanced repoting metrics

Ensure you are properly staffed! View when your customers most frequently call and how many calls you receive hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Track how long your customers are waiting on hold.

See how employees spend their time! View employee activity, including: time in ready and away states, number of calls answered, length of calls and more.

Schedule, export and save reports for future use and review.

Record calls for compliance, quality assurance and training

Ensure compliance standards are met by recording inbound calls to your queues.

Encrypt all call recordings with AES 256-bit key encryption for added security.

Encrypt all call recordings with AES 256-bit key encryption for added security.

+ Search recordings and download calls for training and recognition

+ Listen to any call, from any device

+ Built-in player—no special downloads required

Simplify employee workflows and improve productivity

We make it easy for your employees to sign in and out of their call queue duty

With intuitive agent dashboards, your agents can quickly and easily view their call activity for improved performance and efficiency.

Gives managers complete visibility into the customer experience

Ensure your agents are representing your business in the best light possible.

Listen in, evaluate and score live calls using Coach, Monitor and Barge-in features.

Get a frst-hand feel of the customer experience to enhance your employee’s skills.

Drastically improve your business and customer experience

Ensure consistent and quality service to every single caller.

Distribute calls quickly and service more customers efficiently.

Avoid disasters by efficiently redistributing calls when your office is closed.

Scale up or down with ease to meet your business demands.

Choosing the right package for your organization

We offer two unique packages of services

Contact Center Package

For larger organizations, typically with multiple locations, looking to ensure customer satisfaction and improve performance.

eQueues Package

For organizations with more basic needs

Recording outside of queues is available with our Extension Call Recording service. Inbound and outbound calls can be recorded on-demand or by default. This service also includes a storage library and evaluation feature.

Unlike other providers, and regardless of which package is needed, we never require costly administrator seats, as all seats are provided at the same cost

Safeguard your mission-critical communications

Database security

No information or data is stored on vulnerable local servers. Our databases are stored on secure servers in our cloud infrastructure— all protected by industry-standard frewalls, access control lists, authentication and authorization

Communication security

Calls, recordings, messages and meetings using the Internet are encrypted from the handset into our secure network.

Protect private health information

Our UC solution is hosted in carrier-grade data centers with strong security controls, ensuring your calls
and messages are encrypted and data is protected.