One-stop Telecom & Internet for Your Healthcare or Business Office

Community Health Centers, Surgery Centers, Physician Offices, Commercial Businesses

One place to set up affordable yet comprehensive IT & Telecom systems for dental and medical offices, surgery centers, and commercial businesses. We do everything A to Z, and everything is HIPAA compliant.


Consolidate billing and work with one professional account manager from Sun Communications. No need to work with a telecom provider, internet service provider, merchant service provider, telehealth provider, video conferencing provider (i.e. Zoom), text-to-pay merchant, call center solution provider, web-design team, or online-presence marketing company.  Call your Sun Communications account manager, and s/he can manage as little or as much as you would like.


We have negotiated internet rates and completed thousands of IP phone integrations and merchant accounts for medical and dental offices and medical call centers nationwide. Delivering cost savings in the process. How we do this is simple... we eliminate the combined sales and marketing costs of all your providers and replace them with one. A clear and simple win-win.


Call us to ask how you can leverage Sun Communications and CNECT GPO to reduce both the cost and headache of managing your office Telecom and Internet.  To learn more about becoming a CNECT member, click here.

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Sun Communications, Inc.
10 Dorrance Street
Suite 700
Providence, RI 02903
United States of America

p. 866.588.1113

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Weekday: 9am to 6pm
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    Telecom & Internet Services Details

    CNECT GPO Member Pricing Available

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    Sun Communications, Inc. 
    10 Dorrance Street, Suite 700
    Providence, RI 02903
    United States of America

    P. 866-588-1113
    F. 203-842-2214


    Sun Communications Inc is a Leader in Healthcare & Business Telecommunications, Merchant Processing, and Payroll Solutions.  We offer Turnkey Solutions that include Products & Hardware, Services, and Integration. Sun Communications Inc is Registered with the FCC as an Interconnected VoIP provider.

    We streamline and bundle your services, helping you save time and money, so that you can focus on doing what you love – building your practice and business. Do Less Achieve More.

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